Michael Firicano


MICHAEL FIRICANO is a certified strength & conditioning/boxing coach who takes a no nonsense approach to training. He leaves behind the gimmicks and fad diets and replaces them with good old hard work and perseverance. After competing in local amateur boxing events he packed up and head west to Los Angeles, California. It was there he was training in some of the top boxing gyms in the states soaking up the knowledge and training techniques of some of the best trainers in the world. “Watching the best of the best train was an amazing experience, I learned more there than any book or course could ever teach.” In 2003, Michael started as a strength & conditioning coach to some local fighters and athletes and from there designed and developed his own program called THE F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O METHOD (Fitness In Rhythm, Intense Conditioning And Nutrition Options) “It is a strength & conditioning program through a rigorous boxing workout.” In 2005, Michael took “the method” to the large commercial gyms and found success meeting the fitness goals of many different people. Now back in Boston to be with his family and friends, Michael has opened his own Boxing & Fitness Center and is dedicated to helping people make the impossible possible and reach their highest and unreachable goals!

Brian Morrissey

BRIAN MORRISEY is a member of USA Boxing and has been involved with Firicano Boxing & Fitness Center from the early stages. Brian was a student of THE F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O METHOD before joining the staff as a trainer, His energy, positive attitude and ability to motivate private clients as well as small groups and large classes keeps people pushing themselves beyond their limits. Brian has years of experience coaching youth and high school sports and is currently coaching the kids and teen boxing classes at Firicano Boxing & Fitness Center. Whether he is in the ring holding mitts for the youth or adult classes, Brian prides himself on getting the most out of an individual while keeping it fun, detail orientated and challenging. Brian is dedicated to the success of his clients and goes above and beyond to ensure results!

Karin Romanowski

Karin Romanowski (Karinski): Karin has been a member of Firicano Boxing and Fitness Center since 2014 and a became a trainer in 2015. Karin is certified in Group Exercise, Bootcamp classes and trained in the F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O Method. Karin knows what it takes to be successful with the F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O Method and works hard to deliver those same results in her classes by challenging her clients to push their limits and reach their goals. Karin teaches the Girls Boxing classes, SPINBOX classes, Boxing Bootcamp while also offering personal and small group training.

Matt Difraia